Tesoros Escondidos (Hidden Treasures)
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This Spanish-language program will provide an insider’s view on Latin-American Folklore Music. This is a whole new genre of documentary, a Docu-Music & Dance genre, that will bring the world of Latin - American Folklore to the media. This innovative style includes traditional music and dance, as well as the myths and beliefs associated with it—the undiscovered Latin-American culture: historical customs and stories, passed from generation to generation through music and dance will be revealed. The meaning of this beautiful music will be explored as we delve into the connections between the music and the society it reflects.

In our journey through the Latin-American world, we find that it is a tapestry, interwoven with similar sounds and rhythms, with unforeseen and dramatic connections.

The locations and background of Latin-American cities and towns, will be our main visual frame for this HD program. The music will visually demonstrate the country, its musicians and its dancers. Documentary-style interviews will shape the story as their experiences shed light on the meaning behind the music. We will also interview instrument-makers, teachers, anthropologists, scholars, and local people, creating a complete conceptualization of each unique folkloric expression. This family show will attract viewers of all age groups.

Our main character of this Docu-Music & Dance is the people. Through their stories, beliefs and experiences, we will present their environment, music, and dance.
From its valleys, rivers, mountains, to its seas, comes the cultural manifestations and traditions of our people and communities. Our continent offers its mystical beauty.

TRT 48 Minutes
Interviews: Main frame of the story CHARACTER DRIVEN FORMAT
6 Segments
Dance & Music
Musical Tracks Recording(Play back)
Panoramic Locations
Multi Camera Production
Graphics 3D HD
All shot in True HD(1920 x 1080)

Presenting the Music and Dance on location, quick teaser, also we will have an introduction of the community, wonders and uniqueness

Presenting the main character (profile), a resident of the area, who will take to the journey of culture and customs and the relationship with its music
Music and the relationship with the community

Following with the genre, another resident will takes its journey into folk dance
The meaning of dance for the community

Present, past and future of the community

We intend to produce a show that will captivate the audience and keep them riveted and glued to their seats with stories and the intensity of the dance and music.

Young families in general.
Men 25~45
Women 20~45
Children 8~12

Urban Cities

High School, College, Graduate